The Prosperous Creativity Pledge

In In uncertain times, the world needs its most creative minds in action, not paralyzed in fear and
panic. When we focus on the positive, we demonstrate trust that there is no problem too big
to solve and no challenge too great to overcome.

As one of those creative minds, I promise to:

  1. Choose the volume and sources of information from my inputs wisely, recognizing the
    difference between staying informed and getting overwhelmed.
  2. Stay positive and surrounding myself with positive people and ideas who remind me of my
    infinite creative power and encourage me through the challenges.
  3. Maintain as much discipline and proactivity to my schedule as I can manage.
  4. Find outlets for learning, skill-building, and creative expression that keep me energized and
  5. Take care of my health and wellbeing, minimizing exposure to and risk of infection while also
    using any slower pace to pamper and recharge myself.
  6. Use all of my abilities for my good and that of my clients and community, knowing that the
    best way to hold and improve the value of my creativity is by identifying new, more imaginative
    ways to be valuable.
  7. Ask for help and support when needed.
  8. Trust in my ability to take definitive actions and create opportunities that allow me to thrive
    and prosper, well beyond any simple survival.