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    Enhancing careers and businesses for creative professionals who want  greater prosperity enough to invest in learning to sell, hire, and manage better.
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In times like these, the world needs more creative leaders. Creative leadership requires being able to sell value, a skill rarely taught as part of any design education.

Entrepreneurs need it to win ideal clients, managers and directors need it to negotiate with and on behalf of their employees, and job seekers need it to maximize their earning potential. A different take on problem-solving, most creatives have more ability to sell than they often realize. They just don't understand some basic fundamentals and have never been given the opporunity to develop their confidence through supported practice.

The Creatives Who Prosper Network is both a portal for resources and a community of encouragement, designed to help creatives collectively increase their value by learning to sell it more strategically. There is never a better time to join forces than when unemployment skyrockets and the economy constricts because the world needs your confidence and creative superpowers more than ever.

If interested in becoming a Creative Who Prospers (now and no matter what), start by taking the Prosperous Creativity Pledge.

Who Hires Me?

Speaking: I present The Intention to Prosper (formely offered as Name Your Niche and The Intention to Profit) as either a 45-minute broad audience talk, an extended entrepreneur workshop, or both. I most frequently offer these to AIGA Chapters across the US but can adapt for any audience.

Business Coaching/Consulting: My ideal client is a courageous, swing for the fences individual interested in starting or growing a creative business sustainably through proactive sales, scalable systems, and smart hiring.

Career Coaching/Placement: A quarterly group coaching with an anonymous option is offered for active and passive job seekers. You are also invited to participate in the Creatives Who Propser Network to access job search training resources as needed. Individual job coaching is typically cost prohibitive but can be requested.

Recruiting: This service is primarily offered (at a deep discount) as part of my annual coaching/consulting, but can also be provided on a per hire retained basis.

If interested in exploring how to work together, tell me about yourself and I'll help guide you to the right solutions.




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Working with Me

Individuals can coach with me individually or as part of virtual groups or advanced masterminds. Event planners can also hire me as a presenter or workshop facilitator for creative events and conferences, especially for AIGA chapters. In addition, I host my own live and virtual events in Atlanta.

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