• Hey Designer!

      If you have perfected your craft but are hired more as a producer than a leader...

      It is time to reposition!

      Change everything for yourself, your clients, and the industry by selling like a consultant

    Ways to Engage

    The pivot from designer to leader and consultant can be a confusing and challenging one but it doesn't have to be a lonely journey. Here are a few ways I help talented professionals like you reposition and develop the confidence to sell higher-value engagements in a niche that aligns their unique expertise with ideal clients and work.

    Coaching & Consulting

    Get holistic transformations and leadership development along with measurable results as a designer building your sustainable, scalable and maybe even sellable business. These services are delivered through private, curated group or hybrid engagements. 

    Accelerators & Courses

    Fast action takers get quick results doing while learning in private or group trainings with courses and coaching that address sales, hiring, project management, or M&A opportunities. Accelerators are a great way to sample our Coaching & Consulting services.  

    Live & Virtual Events

    Events are great way for us to get acquainted and build trust. Whether live or pre-recorded, free or pricey, all are designed to be intentionally and instantly valuable. Topics and themes center around business and leadership development for designers. 

    My Core Philosophy:

    My goal for every client is that you build the kind of authentic confidence that attracts better clients and projects so that you enjoy more mutually valuable exchanges for your talent.  

    • The average designer doesn't belong at The Table. Power, authority and influence come because you change, not them.
    • Top of market designers transcend craft. The pivot into leaders and consultants requires a repositioned identity. 
    • Everything is sales, including design. Designers who learn to sell make more and have more freedom than the rest...and own the table!

    Why trust me?

    As a BFA degreed graphic designer who discovered a preference for interacting with people over pixels, I've been helping designers and other creatives negotiate exchanges of value for over 25 years as a recruiter, career coach, and business consultant. I've also been a leader among leaders within AIGA since college and recently completed service on the National Board where I had the honor and privilege of coaching chapter leaders as Presidents Council Chair.