• Creative Leader,

      If insecure habits have undermined your authority, credibility and value...

      Here is Your Free Training!

      Creative Confidence: The 3-video resource for increasing your value (and income) without pretense, over-delivery, or smarminess

    What the Free Training Covers:

    • No More Fake It to Make ItWhy no one is fooled by pretense and following this advice does more harm than good. 
    • Stop Trading Unpaid Work for Ingratitude. Why over-delivery leads to diminished value without real relationship benefit.
    • Let Go of Self-Defeating Attitudes About Sales and Self-Promotion. Why everything is sales and becoming great at it is your only options unless you would rather sell yourself short.

    Beyond why, you will learn what to do differently about all 3 insecure habits to build more authentic confidence, engage in more mutually beneficial exchanges, and attract better clients and work that support your growth, satisfaction and prosperity. 

    Why trust me? I've been helping designers and other creatives negotiate exchanges of value for over 25 years as a recruiter, career coach, and business consultant. I've also been a leader among leaders within AIGA since college and currently serve on the National Board.